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Vital statistics
Sentient Yes
Worlds Singing World
Animal-like or Plant-like Animal-like
Births Eggs
Natural Predators Unknown
Earth Creature Analogy Bats
Soul Assimilation Status Complete and open

Bats are extraterrestrial sapient organisms native to the Singing World (alternately known as Blind World or Planet of the Bats).


Judging from their name, their appearance are similar to the members of  the order chiroptera, this similarity is due to convergent evolution. They are blind and unable to smell. They navigate their surroundings via echolocation, similar to dolphins and the members of chiroptera. They are notable for constantly singing melodiously.


Bats inhabit the external part of Singing World


The Bats' singing is an integral part of their life. When a friend or loved one dies they mourn them by not singing apparently untill the psychological or emotional pain from not singing exceeds the pain of losing the cherished person(s).

Translations From Bat Language

Examples of names translated from Bat language: Racing Song, Sings the Egg Song, Spiraling Upward Harmony, Word Keeper, Summer Song.

Souls Known To Have Used Bats As Hosts

Wanderer spent a term as a Bat. Though she doesn't enjoy being blind she apparently still appreciates their musical ability.

Wanderer also had a friend called Spiraling Upward Harmony  who died the final death as a Bat due to an accident involving a Singing World tree. They were unable to extract him from his host in time.

Summer Song, a Healer Soul had a Bat host before coming to Earth and taking over Candy's body. Summer Song was extracted from Candy's body and sent to a faraway planet.

Racing Song, later Kevin, had a Bat host before coming to Earth as his second life. His first host was an adult male who knew about the souls. He, like Melanie, refused to disappear, and even was able to regain some control of the body. After he tried to cut the soul out of his body ( an impossible thing to do), the soul was relocated into a child's body so there would be no chance of resistance. Kevin's first host was disposed of, deemed in poor repair and not a good candidate for reuse.


  • A Bat was Wanderer's host on her seventh planet. 
  • Wanderer stated that she liked the Bats more than the other planets, and almost stayed there, but did not enjoy being blind.

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