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Vital statistics
Sentient Yes
Worlds Mists Planet
Animal-like or Plant-like Animal-like
Births Eggs
Natural Predators Claw Beasts
Earth Creature Analogy Bears
Soul Assimilation Status Complete and open

The Bears are an animal-like sentient species found on the Mists Planet.


They are supposed to have be quite similar to mammals. An adult bear has about the mass of a type of buffalo. They are warm blooded and have fur. They have multiple hearts and bleed out quite quickly if wounded severely. They have a warm pouch for egg incubation. Their hands are double-jointed, they can curl them on both sides. One side is soft but the other is razor-sharp and often used for cutting ice.

They can see different range of colours.

They have emotions similar to humans. Particularly a need for societal interaction and creativity.


They inhabit the cold Mists Planet.


Their cities are made of ice sculptures and they make it by cutting the ice into various shapes like those they've imagined or dreamed. One famous ice-sculptor was Glitter Weaver.

Translations From Bear language

Names translated from Bear include: Lives in the Stars, Rides the Beast, Sunlight Passing Through the Ice, Glitter Weaver, Harness Light, Glass Spires, etc.

One saying in Bear goes something like: "Cross one too many ice-fields and wind up a Claw Beast's lunch." (The saying is said to sound better in Bear.)

Souls Known To Have Used Bears As Hosts

Wanderer spent a term as a Bear and was known as "Lives in the Stars" (her preferred Bear name) and Rides the Beast (a name for which she showed some frustration though it was used sort of admiringly).

Sunlight Passing Through the Ice spent 5 lifeterms as a Bear before coming to Earth and being inserted into Jodi's body.

Wanderer had a friend during her time with the Bears named Harness Light. The two of them also once made use of a guide using a Bear host to try and cross an ice-field safely (though unsuccesfully).


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