Dr "Doc" Eustace M.D.
Name Dr "Doc" Eustace M.D.
Gender Male
Family N/A
Portrayed By Scott Lawrence

""You are the noblest, purest creature I've ever met. The Universe will be a darker place without you"  

- Doc speaking to Wanda

Doctor "Doc" Eustace M.D. is a kind and compassionate man, who according to Wanda, is very good at his Calling as a Medical Practitioner and is Sharon Stryder's partner.

He is one of the first humans who show compassion towards these Souls .He is a tall and slim human male with medical training and serves as Jeb's Rebel Cell members' medical adviser and practitioner.


He is shown to be compassionate and emotional, though he initially makes Wanda uncomfortable as she is afraid of him torturing her or experimenting on her. Eventually he and Wanda become friends and he stands up for her against others multiple times. He is very distraught when Wanda asks him to let her to die.

He is shown to be very inquisitive in nature, being fascinated by the facts Wanderer has to share about other species' (such as the Bears) physiology. He is, however, cautious about using medicines he is unfamiliar with such as the Soul's Heal, but once he sees their positive effects can grow very enthusiastic about their potential and usage. He has problems with alcohol and often gets drunk to drown his sorrow when he is unable to prevent more human life from being lost.


He has a shaky relationship with Melanie Stryder's  cousin Sharon; though the issues are not specified they could be related to Wanderer inhabiting Melanie's body and his friendship with Wanderer. They appear to resolve their issues at the end of the book after Sharon  comes back to him because of feeling threatened by Doc's assistant and advisor Candy .


  • He is refered to as "Doc" by everyone who knows him. He himself has shown mild distaste for true name.
    • "Eustace" is a family name.
  • He is said to have a very pleasant snore.
  • In the book, he is described as being "slim and tall, his sketetal structure more obvious under his skin than most. His hair was washed out, either pale brown or a dark nondescript blond. Like his bland hair and his long body, his features were mild and thin."




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