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Vital statistics
Sentient Yes
Worlds Unnamed home-world
Animal-like or Plant-like Animal-like
Births Unknown
Natural Predators Unknown
Earth Creature Analogy Dragonflies (appearance);


Soul Assimilation Status In progress and open

Dolphins are an animal-like sentient species. The souls have started to take over and use their bodies as hosts.


The dolphin's natural terrain is water and their bodies are most likely suited to it. Dolphins in fact resemble earth dragonflies than they do earth dolphins.

They have three sexes.


  • The dolphin's planet is rather far away from Earth as it was one of the planets which was available to Sunny, who (had she chosen to go) would have had to travel so far that all of the community would have been dead by the time she woke up there.
  • It is one of the few planets that Wanda/Wanderer has not lived in as news of it's opening for assimilation reached her apparently when she had already arrived on Earth.

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