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Vital statistics
Sentient Yes
Worlds Unknown
Animal-like or Plant-like Animal-like
Births Unknown
Natural Predators Unknown
Earth Creature Analogy Unknown
Soul Assimilation Status Unknown

Not to be confused with the Fire-Tasters from Fire World, Dragons are an animal-like sentient life-form from Dragon Planet.


It is said that Dragons are similar to the mythical creatures from Earth folklore from which they take their English name. They would necessarily have to be larger than Souls and have something akin to a brain, because they were assimilated by the Souls. Though they cannot breath fire like their namesakes traditionally can, they are able to spew acid from their mouths in some way. Their bodies may be specially suited to live in the realm in which they move (which's atmosphere has a higher viscosity than Earth air) on their planet.


Dragons live in a realm (with an atmosphere that has a higher viscosity than Earth air) on Dragon Planet.

Souls Know To Have Used Dragons As Hosts

Wanderer apparently spent a lifetime as a Dragon.


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