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Vital statistics
Synonyms Many
Sentient Inhabitants Souls

Humans (native)

Areas Inhabited By Sentient Inhabitants Mainly planet surface on land.
Soul Assimilation Status Nearly complete and conditionally open (pesumably only infant to juvenile hosts)
Earth is a planet the Souls have colonized by assimilating the majority of it's sentient inhabitants. It has many names due to it's many languages.

It's known sentient inhabitants prior to the Soul invasion were the humans . Almost all humans are now hosts for the souls. Some humans remain, but the captured adults are no longer wanted as hosts, due to the risk of their mind being too strong to subdue. Juvenile hosts are the only ones used now. Wanderer and Jared saw a lot of occupied cryotanks being taken int the maternity ward, which infers that a soul can be inserted into a newborn.

Physical Characteristics

Earth has the appearance of a generally blue planet (due to it's hydrosphere) with patches of land ranging in color from white (snow/ice) to green (plant-rich areas) to yellow (desert) with white, moving clouds covering the aforementioned areas. It has topographical elements such as mountains, valleys, etc. There are also non-naturally occuring features such as roads and cities.

Known Lifeforms

The Souls are a sentinent species who have invaded the planet. The humans are the sentient species endemic to the planet.

Except for the above, Earth has a wide variety of lifeforms including one cellular lifeforms, vegetables, animals, etc.


  • Earth is the main setting of The Host.
  • Earth is the only planet in The Host that's real(to our knowledge)

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