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Vital statistics
Sentient Yes
Worlds Planet of the Flowers
Animal-like or Plant-like Plant-like
Births Seeds*
Natural Predators Unknown
Earth Creature Analogy Flowers
Soul Assimilation Status Complete and open

Not to be confused with the Walking Flowers from Fire World, Flowers are a sentient plantlike (chlorophyll-based) life-form from Flower Planet (alternately known as Planet of the Flowers).


It is insinuated that Flowers are similar to the Earth plants from which they took their name in English. They would necessarily have to be larger than Souls and have something akin to a brain, because they were assimilated by the Souls. They would also have to be able to communicate by some means because they give one another names and form friendships. They have a way of seeing (as proven when Petals Open to the Moon commented that the rosy colors of an Earth-sunset made her think of a beautiful Flower friend of hers) but can't smell (Wanderer was a flower at some point, but a sense of smell was something she first experienced as a human).

There seem to be different varieties with biological variations, such as Upside-down Flowers* and Night Flowers.

Flowers synthesize their food via photosynthesis.


Flowers inhabit the Island and Continent on Flower Planet.

Translations From Flower Language

Examples of names translated from Flower Language: Petals Open to the Moon (a name typical of a Night Flower), Leaves Above (an name typical of an Upside-down Flower)*, Faces Sunward, etc.

A translation of a common greeting and farewell on Flower Planet is: "Brightest sun, longest day."

Souls Known To Have Used Flowers As Hosts

Wanderer spent a term as a flower. She also had a student from her time as an honorary professor named Faces Sunward*.

Petals Open to the Moon was a Night Flower and took her Earth name from this time. She also had a friend who was a beautiful Flower and was reminded of this friend when she looked at the rosy colors of an Earth sunset (this friend's name had something to do with ruffles).

A Seeker named Hank once worked with another Seeker (when they pulled Wanda over due to speeding) whose mate was a former Upside-down Flower (thought to be a variety of Flower).

Pet mentions a friend of hers named Ruffles and More Ruffles who lived with her on the Planet of the Flowers.

Cerulean is an assistant to Healer Knits Fire, and Wanderer believes she is from the Planet of the Flowers.

When The Seeker was removed from Lacey's body, she was sent to the Planet of the Flowers, and will wake up in a Flower body.


1. Wanderer sent the Seeker to this planet so she could live a nice life and get over having had to listen to Lacey (who might have been a bad influence) continuously.


It is unconfirmed whether flowers reproduce via seeds, but this seems likely.

It is unconfirmed whether Upside-down Flowers are a Flower variation, but this may seem very likely.

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