A host body is a body used, infected or possessed by another creature, usually one who was incorporeal or very small.


When a foreign entity like that of a Symbiote, Body Snatcher, Puppeteer Parasite, or even a Hacker

A soul named Wanderer using her host body of a human

(when regarding machines like robots and computers) enters/outright hijacks a body, the possessed subject becomes what is usually called a Host. The basic purpose of the host varies on what the point was for it to have been hijacked in the first place. Sometimes it's used as a disguise, other times it's used as a decoy and destraction, even simply being used as a weapon and piece of armor that the possessor uses to cause sheer chaos and destruction.

In The Host

An alien race called souls use their host bodies to survive. These creatures can't stay away from their host bodies for a long time (except on the Origin ) and have to die without them.

They are inserted inside a healthy creature's body and become the one cotrolling it.