The character of the Wanderer on The Host makes me realize the magic of the human feelings and senses. When the Wanderer take Melanie’s body, she did not imagine what she was about to experience, a world of love, treason and war, she did not understand. The first unfamiliar feeling she felt in Melanie’s body was love. The warm wave flowing through her body, a sensation she has never felt before in her other bodies. She cannot describe this feeling with her words, is stronger than the water of her past life, but lighter than the tranquility of being a plant. When she wakes up in Melanie’s body, the wanderer felt a sensation that she had never felt intuition. This “sixth sense” makes her follow their feeling without really having a logical explanation for it.

One of the attitudes that confuse the most the Wanderer about the humans was the war. She did not understand how it was possible that humans killed their own race, in massive quantities, and without feeling regret. New words were added to her language as treason or loyalty, words that has no utility on her other lives. Without treason the loyalty doesn’t exist, the aliens break the “loyalty” that is why they did not know the treason. The aliens were totally honest that is why they did not need money, everyone make their work and everyone get the same rights and hard work.

     To be on a human body implied to have physical reactions to environment situations. She start to experience blushing, feeling “butterflies”, and feeling this warm sensation when she’s near to Jared. Her soul has fly around all the universe, she is not even able to get in an airplane.

This experience makes Wanderer more intense and hard experience in her whole life time.