Jamie Stryder
Jamie Stryder
Gender Male
Spouse(s) None
Family *Melanie Stryder (sister),
Portrayed By Chandler Canterbury
If I asked you something, would you tell me the truth? - Jamie Stryder

Jared and Jamie

Jamie is Melanie's younger brother and is 14 years old when he first meets Wanda. At first Wanda only talked to Jamie really. He develops a relationship with Wanda due to her closeness to his sister; eventually, he develops a strong brotherly bond with Wanda himself. He considers Wanda "angelic" and enjoys her stories about other planets. He is very close to Jared, though their relationship becomes tense due to Jared's shabby treatment of Wanda. Jamie is shown to want to be treated like a man; when he falls ill he is uncomfortable with the coddling he receives and yearns to go on raids with Jared and the other men. He is described as being the only person not to have difficulty with Wanda's transfer into a new body, possibly always seeing Mel and Wanda as two distinct beings. Jamie is described as having shaggy black curls and chocolate brown eyes. Jamie became good freinds with Wanda, he even defeneded her agaist Jared. Which led to most of the humans befreinding Wanda, and leading them to start to trust her. Jamie quite liked the fact that after Wanda was put in Pet's body, he found himself taller than Wanderer and that made him glad.

Physical Appearance

In the book, Jamie is described as having bla


ck hair, tan skin, wide chocolate brown eyes and being skinny and gangly.

Jamie with his sister Melanie

He is seen to have dark brown hair and light peach coloured skin in the movie adaption of the book .



Melanie Stryder is Jamie's older sister who protected him most of his life until she was captured. They have a very close and strong bond, Jamie was half of the motivation (along with Jared Howe that kept her from fading away.


Wanderer having her meal with Ian and Jamie

Jamie grew very close to Wanderer, accepting her before anyone else. He first suspected that Melanie was still there.

Wanda (while inhabiting inside Melanie's body)

He grew closer to Wanda as she told more stories and comforted him about his sister. At first Wanda only talked to Jamie. He liked Wanda's stories and enjoyed them.


Jared and Jamie

Jamie looked up toJared a lot for guidance and Jared became his fatherly figure. Though when Wanda came and Jared tried to hurt her, Jamie resulted to punching him in the face to protect her.


Jeb is Jamie's uncle who supports him to not Jared kill Wanderer . He thinks of Jamie as a brave boy by giving him the gun for protecting Wanderer and leaves them alone .


Maggie is Jamie's aunt and Jeb's sister .


Sharon is Jamie's cousin and Maggie's daughter .

Film Adaptation

Jamie will be portrayed by Chandler Canterbury in the film adaptation of The Host.


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