Jared Howe
Jared Howe
Gender Male (Human)
Spouse(s) Melanie Stryder (partner)
Family A father and several brothers.
Portrayed By Max Irons
It was a miracle — more than a miracle — when I found you, Melanie.
Jared to Melanie.

Jared Howe is Melanie Stryder's love interests and a member of Jeb's human cell. He is in love with Melanie — but when the soul, "Wanda" takes over Melanie's body, he worries he has lost Melanie forever. While Jared is initially distrustful of Wanda’s presence, he begins to hope against hope that somewhere deep down, the woman he loves still exists. He also loves to fuck Melanie.



Circumstances always improve for the rebel humans he runs into, due to his great skill at raiding. He is s


een as loving and somewhat excitable in Melanie's memories, though her loss rendered him very bitter. He bears a grudge against Wanda and is unable to empathize with her for most of the book.

He eventually develops a closer relationship with her in addition to his extreme devotion to Melanie. He is somewhat of a rival to Ian, because Ian sees Jared as a competition for Wanda's affections.


He was one of the last people to see Wanda before Melanie was brought back. Even though at first, Jared hated Wanda, he showed kindness towards her, by defending her when some humans started saying unkind things about her, during Kyle's tribunal.

In Melanie's memories, it was shown he loved Melanie very much and was very good friends with Jamie, even though they have known each other for only a couple of months.

Physical Appearance


Jared is described as having brown streaked sun-bleached golden hair, light tanned brown skin, honey colored eyes, a long thin nose, and full lips for a man. He is also very tall and muscular with smaller frame and hard-rock abs. He is described as physically beautiful with tan skin.


Jared is loving, aggressive, and somewhat excitable in Melanie's memories, by the time Wanderer meets him he has become quite bitter.


In the book: Jared is 26 when he meets 17-year-old Melanie for the first time. Since Melanie is 21 at the end of the book, Jared would be 30.

Film portrayal

Max Irons portrays Jared Howe throughout the film adaption of The Host.

Max Irons


Jared Howe's Photos.

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