Knits Fire is a soul whose Calling is to work as a Healer.  She has an assistant named Cerulean.  When Jamie has
Wanda with healer

Knits Fire treating Wanderer

taken ill due to an infected knife wound, Wanderer and Jared go into town to try to get medicine to help him.  Wanderer injures herself in a similar manner as Jamie was injured so that she could watch and learn how a healer would treat it.  Jared waits in the car while Wanderer goes into the medical facility.  Cerulean and Healer Knits Fire are shocked at her battered state and immediately try to help her.  Healer Knits Fire opens a cabinet and brings out several different medicines including "Heal", "Clean", and "No Pain".  When Wanderer is alone in her hospital room, she steals many of the medical supplies including "Cool" which she hopes will help Jamie's fever.

Knits Fire is described as being very plain.

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