Kyle O'Shea
Name Kyle O'Shea
Gender Male
Spouse(s) Sunny (partner in Jodi body)
Family Ian O'Shea (brother)
Portrayed By Boyd Holbrook


is Ian's older and very stubborn brother. During most of the book, he holds a fierce hatred for souls and tries to kill Wanderer. He is described as looking almost exactly like his younger brother Ian, and can also sound like him when he is calm, which is a rare occurence. He had a girlfriend named Jodi who was caught and implanted, and he tries to rescue her by removing the soul from her. Jodi does not regain consciousness, so he reimplants 'Sunny', the Soul who has grown to love Kyle through Jodi's memories.

Physical Appearance

Kyle and jared

Kyle with Jared during the raid

Kyle has black hair, sapphire blue eyes, fair skin, and a crooked nose from

Kyle (left) with Brandt (right) and Ian (back)

it having been broken so many times. He is very tall and muscular. He and his brother resemble each other in appearance a lot.




Kyles brother Ian

Ian O'Shea is Kyle's younger brother. The two of them are very close, though they often have arguments. They both have black hair and are very tall.


When Wanderer first came to they caves, Kyle hated her and accused the others of falling for it's lies. Kyle tries to kill Wanderer when Ian was sleeping so no one could interfere. But Kyle hits his head on the rock and is knocked


unconscious. He is put on trial for trying to kill Wanda even though Jeb Stryder told him not to. Kyle is allowed to stay. After hearing that Wanda can extract souls he goes to find his girlfriend, Jodi, who had been taken over. He comes back with Sunny who had taken over Jodi's body and apologises to Wanda for trying to kill her.


Jodi was Kyle's girlfriend prior The Host, before she got taken over by Sunny. Kyle later found her body (with Sunny inside, of course), and brought her back to the caves. After Doc removes the Soul, they learn that Jodi cannot come back.

Film Adaptation


Boyd Holbrook

It's been announced that Boyd Holbrook will play Kyle in the film adaptation of The Host.