Gender Female
Spouse(s) None Known
Family Jamie Stryder (nephew), Melanie Stryder (niece) Jeb Stryder (brother), Sharon (daughter)
Portrayed By Frances Fisher
“It could bring an army down on our heads.” -Maggie

Maggie's full name is "Magnolia" and she is Melanie and Jamie's aunt.

She is considered to be one of the "crazy" Stryder-siblings and is known to have secret hide-outs, hiding with her daughter in Chicago in one of these shelters prior to joining her brother's rebel cell.

She shows extreme hatred towards Wanda and never accepts her. Her daughter, Sharon follows her mother's lead. When Wanda is reborn in Pet's body, Maggie cannot maintain her former rigidity around Wanda, but still treats her indifferently.

Physical Appearance

Maggie is old and her face is very wrinkled and she has gray hair.

Film Adaptation

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Frances Fisher

Author Stephenie Meyer revealed via her website on Feb 11th that Frances Fisher will be portraying Maggie in the film adaptation of The Host.

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