There are many characters in The Host - some of which don't have a lot of information on them and are thus preferably grouped together on this page. Almost none of them are seen in the movie adaption of this novel.


Curt is one of the first souls who came to Earth to live inside their host bodies. His host loved Kathy whose body was also invaded by another soul. He could not stay away from the body his host once loved, even when the ownership of the minds changed. They had to pretend to be humans for several years as there were human neighbours all around. Later, Curt gave Wanderer a job as a honorary professor due to her experience on many of the planets on the curriculum.

Faces Sunward

Faces Sunward, a student in Wanda's History class, was one of the only ones to ever be outraged with Wanda's teaching. This was mostly due to her telling of the history of Fire World, and how the fire-eating inhabitants unknowingly killed other sentinent beings to survive.


Cerulean is soul that works as an assistant to Healer Knits Fire.  Because of her name she is believed to have come from Flower World.  She helps Wanderer when she comes to their facility injured but is completely unaware that Wanderer is stealing medicine from them.


Darren is a soul and the assistant to a Healer (Fords Deep Waters) at the healing facility where Wanderer is inserted into Melanie. Darren is described as "gray-haired".


Robert is a soul whose first planet was Earth. His mother had been an earth dweller, too, before she chose to give birth. Wanderer compares him to a child, as he didn't seem to have as much perspective as older, better traveled souls. He also didn't like the idea of the fire eating inhabitants in Fire World and irritated Wanderer by asking her about why she didn't chose to go and live in the Fire World.

Glitter Weaver

Glitter Weaver was a Soul who was using a Bear host on the Mists Planet during Wanderer's term there. He could make the ice shape itself the way he dreamed it (he was a very talented ice sculptor). Wanderer met him once and is fascinated by his creations.


Summer Song was a Healer soul in Candy's body.  She and another Healer were abducted by WandererJared, and Ian and taken back to the caves where her successful extraction was performed. 


Gladys was Walter's deceased wife . She is described as a 'stocky redhead' by Ian who had seen a picture of her. When Walter was dying he hallucinated and mistook Wanderer for her.

Guy Stryder

Guy Stryder was a human and the sibling of Magnolia, Jeb and Trev and uncle to Melanie and Jamie.

He was considered one of the "crazy" Stryder siblings, implying that his personality was rather eccentric.

He died in a accidental carcrash before he could have been taken over by a Soul or would have to flee.


Lucina is a dark-skinned woman who has two young children, Isiah and Freedom. She tries to discourage her children from being around Wanda, though is less resistant after Wanda is placed in Pet's body.


Isaiah is Lucina's oldest son. He has a younger brother called Freedom.


Trudy is a member of Jeb's rebel cell.

She is one of the first humans to develop a friendship with Wanderer .

She returns from a raid with Jamie apparently helping him to get to his room so he can rest.

She is later called to help jog Candy's memory. She is insinuated to be kind and patient, enough so to help jog Candy 's memories.

She is described to have gray and black salt-and-pepper hair that she wears in a braid.


Freedom is the second child of Lucina and younger brother of Isaiah. He is the only child that was born in the caves and delivered by Doc. When Wanderer arrived at the caves, Lucina kept her children as far as possible from her, but when Wanderer was moved into Pet's body, Lucina's and her children's attitude changed towards her. Freedom in particular crawled in her lap in every opportunity, burrowing his face in her hair.


Hank is a Seeker who once pulled Wanda over due to speeding (something only a human would typically do).


Nate is a human who survived the invasion of the souls. At first he was mistook as a Seeker by the raiders ( Ian, Wanda, Melanie, Jared, Aaron, Brandt). His best friend is Burns Living Flowers, a soul who 'had gone native' (started favouring the humans' company). He leads his own rebel cell and is one of the other humans besides those in Jeb's cell to escape Soul assimilation (others include Gail, Russell, Max, Ellen, Evan, Carlos, Cindy, another Robert, etc.).


There are also some other minor characters of humans present in the novel such as - Travis, Carol, Violetta, Geoffrey (Trudy's husband), Stanley, Reid, Ruth Ann, John etc.