Mists Planet
A Snowy Mountain
Vital statistics
Synonyms Planet of the Mist

Mist World

Sentient Inhabitants Souls

Bears (native)

Areas Inhabited By Sentient Inhabitants Planet surface
Soul Assimilation Status Complete and open

The Mists World is one of the alien planets the Souls colonized by assimilating it's sentinent inhabitants. It is also known as 'Planet of the Mist" or "Mist World".

It's known sentient inhabitants prior to the soul invasion were Bears.

Physical Characteristics

The planet is land. Because it's endemic sentient inhabitants can see, it can be assumed that it is not too dark. The cities in the planet have crystal castles that never melt. These castles are made of ice and the Bears can sculpt or build them the way they desire, which can be quite artistic.

Most of the planet is covered with snow and ice.

Known Lifeforms

The Souls are a sentient species who invaded the planet. The Bears are the sentient species endemic to the planet.

Other than the abovementioned the planet is also home to Claw Beasts.


  • Wanderer had two other names on this planet, "Lives in the Stars" and "Rides the Beast".
  • Wanda said that the bears on the Mists planet were most like humans because they're warm blooded, have hair/fur, they can dream(though not as vividly as humans), and have a need for a "creative outlet"(building ice cities).

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