Planet of the Flowers
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Vital statistics
Synonyms Flower Planet

Summer World (unclear)

Sentient Inhabitants Flowers (native)


Areas Inhabited By Sentient Inhabitants Planet surface on land
Soul Assimilation Status Complete and open

Flower Planet is describe by Wanderer as the "most beautiful and placid of planets." One of the furthest planets from Earth, it takes over a century to reach. The planet is very mellow, and the host's lives are incredibly long.

Physical Characteristics

There is an island and mainland which are inhabited by sentinent Flowers that the soul have taken as hosts.The mainland includes two great rivers.

Known Lifeforms

Flowers The hosts of the Planet of the Flowers are the Flowers (not to be confused with Walking Flowers from Fire World).

There are several different type of Flowers, described by their various colors, shape and type. Wanderer refers to the fact that blue Flowers are rare. She pretends to be an upside-down Flower to Hank.


  • Wanda sends the Seeker to the Flower Planet where she can happily enjoy the long life of sunlight and recover from being exposed to Lacey 's personality.
  • "Brightest sun, Longest day" is the common farewell and greeting on the planet.*


  • There is some ambiguity associated with Upside-down Flowers and information accompanying them. How the relate as a race to the other Flowers (whether they are an independant species on another planet is not entirely clear. The best explanation is used on this wiki however).


"Planet of the Flowers [1]

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