The See Weeds (a pun on see and sea weeds) alternately known as Sea Weeds are a sentient plant-like life-form.


It is insinuated that See Weeds are similar to the Earth plant-like life-form from which they derive their name in English. They would necessarily have to be larger than Souls and have something akin to a brain, because they were assimilated by the Souls.

They are able to communicate mentally through their interconnections to other See Weeds.

Their primary sense is sight and each See Weed has many eyes.


They absorb nutrients from soil.


The See Weed's planet is entirely covered by water.

Translations From See Weed Language

Sees to the Surface


Souls Known To Have Used See Weeds As Hosts

Wanderer spent a lifeterm as a See Weed before she came to Earth.


When the souls first occupied the See Weed's planet, the Seekers miscalculated how far the See Weeds were willing to go to escape them. They started inserting souls before they had enough for a complete assimilation. The See Weeds could not actually run, so tey committed suicide. They curled their leaves from the sun and died before they could be used as hosts. In the end, only one of the two See Weed forest were inhabited by souls.

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