Name Sharon
Gender Female
Family Jamie Stryder (cousin)
Melanie Stryder (cousin)
Jeb Stryder (uncle)
Maggie Stryder (mother)
Trev Stryder (uncle)
Linda Stryder (aunt)

Sharon is Maggie's daughter, Jeb's niece and Melanie's cousin.

She and her cousin Melanie were close during their childhood and Sharon was the motivation for Melanie's trip to Chicago (where Sharon and her mother had been successsfully hiding for some time) which lead to the events of The Host.

Like her mother, she showed extreme hatred towards Wanda and never accepted her. Her hatred drove her to the point where she could not be happy about Jamie's healing and pounced at Jared for leading Wanda outside the caves. However, her feelings towards Wanda soften when Wanda is reborn in Pet's body, because of the body's harmless-looking beauty.

Sharon has a shaky relationship with Doc. This started sometime between Wanderer comes to Earth and joins Jeb's rebel cell.

Physical Appearance

Sharon it is described as having vivid red, almost pink hair and brown eyes.


  • Her surname is actually unknown as, if her mother married her father, she probably officially bears her father's surname.

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