Singing World
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Vital statistics
Synonyms Planet of the Bats

Blind World

Sentient Inhabitants Souls

Bats (native)

Areas Inhabited By Sentient Inhabitants Planet surface
Soul Assimilation Status Complete and open
The Singing World is one of the alien planets the Souls colonized by assimilating its sentinent inhabitants. It is also known as "Planet of the Bats" or "Blind World".

Its known sentient inhabitants prior to the soul invasion were the Bats.

Known Lifeforms

The Souls are a sentinent species who invaded the planet. The Bats are the sentient species endemic to the planet.

Except for Souls and Bats it is confirmed to have trees.


The planet has at least one wooded area. Because it's endemic sentient inhabitants cannot see, it could be assumed that it is actually very dark on the planet, rendering eyes superfluous.


  • the bats mourned by not singing until the pain from the lack of music became worse than the pain of loss
  • though the singing world is also called the blind world, wanda stated that she preferred to have it be called the singing world

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