Spiders are a sentient animal-like life-form.


Spiders are about the mass of a cow but are shorter and leaner. They are not hairy, but rather scaly. They have several limbs (four to each segment of their segmented body), which apparently have hands with twelve strong fingers each. Their fingers have six joints and are strong and slender as steel threads and capable of the most complex procedures. Their twelve eyes (one at each place where a limb and the main body meet), which don't see much color, are protected by thick eyelashes comparable to steel wool (though eyelids are absent). Their most note-worthy trait however are their three brains which cause them to have apparently high intelligence and high problem-solving abilities. Spiders are grenerally stronger than humans.

They age and have a lifespan shorter even than a human's (Spiders have the shortest lifespan of any creature the Souls have come across).

However, they do reproduce very quickly, which is the chief reason the planet is still available for settling. Their species was one of the first the Souls came across in their spread across the universe.


The Spiders apparently thought of new knowledge above many other things, as they welcomed the insight the Souls brought - even though it cost them their consciousness. However they rarely came up with a problem they were curious enough to solve for themselves. They can only barely comprehend emotion and colour.


The Spiders' homeworld is cold and gray.

Souls Known To Have Used Spiders As Hosts

Wanderer spent a term in a Spider body. She however didn't find it to her liking and departed as soon as she completed the body's short life-span.


  • When Wanderer last heard news of Fire World, Spider bodies were on their way to arriving to help solve the conundrum of finding a dietary replacement for Fire-Tasters so that they no longer have to eat the sentient Walking Flowers (Fire-Tasters' vital prey).

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