Sunlight Passing Through The Ice, or Sunny' 'for short, is a soul in the body of Kyle's girlfriend, Jodi. Sunny got her name from previously living on the world of the Ice Bears.  When Kyle learned that there was a way to successfully remove a soul without killing the host, he sought out Jodi's body in hopes to bring her back.  He found her in Las Vegas with her family and kidnapped her through her bedroom window.  She did not fight against him or scream and he discovered that Sunny shared Jodi's feelings for him and that she had many dreams about him.  When Kyle brought her back to the caves many of the humans were angry with him which frightened Sunny. She would not let go of Kyle, and when he mentioned the word 'Raid', she became hysterical. She desperately wanted to remain on Earth with Kyle but Wanderer told her that she must leave.  Once she was extracted from Jodi's body, Jodi's consciousness did not return.  After several days, Doc was worried that she would die of dehydration or starvation so they reinserted Sunny into Jodi's body.  She and Kyle seemed to have developed a close bond and he was very protective of her. 

Sunlight Passing Through the Ice
The Host Sunny by evalesco5
Name Sunlight Passing Through the Ice
Gender Female
|Partner = Kyle O'Shea

Physical Appearance

When Sunny is in her host's body she has long black curly hair and olive toned skin. She is very petite in size; at first, Wanda debates wether she is a child or not.

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