The following is a  list of notable characters in The Host

Main Characters

Melanie and Wanda

  • Melanie Stryder - One of the protagonist of The Host.Partner of Jared Howe, sister of Jamie Stryder, daughter of Trev and Linda Stryder, Wanderer's ex-host. A member of Jeb's rebel cell. With dark shiny hair, sun-brown skin, almond-shape hazel eyes, she is often described as pretty. Melanie is strong, fast with extreme energy. Saoirse Ronan plays the part of Melanie in the movie.

  • Wanderer - Narrator. Member of Jeb's Rebel Cell Member. Consider herself a sister to Melanie and Jamie Stryder. Partner of Ian O'Shea. A Soul who is implanted into Melanie Stryder's body. Lived on eight different planets before coming to Earth. Wanda lived in Melanie and Pet's body in human form. Patient, able to defend Melanie's "emotional attack". Being a Soul, she is seen as too self-sacrificing.

  • Jamie Stryder - Melanie's younger brother. Member of Jeb's Rebel Cell Member. Close to his sister and develop closeness to Wanda.Accepted Wanda and Melanie as a package deal. Although he's only 14, but he clearly want to be treated like a man. Chandler Canterbury plays his part in the movie.
  • Ian O'Shea - One of the rebel human. Partner of Wanderer, brother of Kyle O'Shea. When Wanda and Melanie first show up in the cave, he is insistent on killing her/them. With his curiousity, he began following Wanda and becomes her bodyguard. He often gets into quarrel with Kyle and Jared. Tall, muscular, black hair with striking blue eyes. Kind as a human. Jake Abel plays the part of Ian in the movie.
  • Jared Howe - Rebel human, Melanie Stryder's partner. Handsome with his muscular feature, golden hair and honey color eyes. At first, he hates Wanda, wanting to do anything to get Wanda out of Melanie's body. Did not give up when Wanda lived in Melanie's body. He even develops feelings for Wanda. Max Irons plays the part of Jared in the movie.