The Origin
Vital statistics
Synonyms Unknown
Sentient Inhabitants Souls (native)

The Original Hosts (sentience status unclear) (native)

Areas Inhabited By Sentient Inhabitants Unknown
Soul Assimilation Status -

The Origin is the place where Souls originally came from (their "home planet").

Physical Characteristics

It is neither too hot or to cold there, which is important to keep the Souls alive for the longest time possible without host bodies.

The Origin is said to have dense clouds.

Known Lifeforms

Apart from the souls, it is unknown how many species live there. The souls first hosts do, but little is known about them except that they are 'pretty'. The souls first started expanding their empire when the Vultures invaded the Origin, and the souls discovered that they could use the Vultures as hosts. Probably through the Vultures' memories, they found the other worlds that the Vultures had invaded, and used the inhabitants of these planets as hosts. They then started exploring further into the universe.


  • It is very rare to to meet Souls from there, because most souls are born on colonized planets and the Souls who live on The Origin prefer to stay there. Souls who were born on the Origin but left are treated almost like royalty or celebrities.
    • Wanderer is an example of a Soul who left the origin.

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