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Vital statistics
Sentient Yes
Worlds Unknown
Animal-like or Plant-like Animal-like
Births Unknown
Natural Predators Unknown
Earth Creature Analogy Vultures (personality; idiomatic)
Soul Assimilation Status Unknown

Vultures are a sentinent, animal-like species. 


These Beings were the first extraterrestrials the Souls came into contact with.  They discovered The Origin, conquered it like they did with other planets, and made life difficult for the souls.

However, the Souls found out they could use the Vultures as hosts.  They assimilated the Vultures, as well as the inhabitants of the other planets the Vultures conquered.


They would necessarily have to be larger than Souls and have something akin to a brain, because they were assimilated by the Souls.


The Vultures' nature is in stark contrast with the kind Souls. Vultures are cruel and unkind to those whose planets they conquer.


  • The Vultures and the Souls are the only creatures mentioned to have forged an interstellar empire in the book.
    • It is because of the Vultures empire that the Souls started their own.
  • The Vultures are named for their personality accordong to an Earth name for an unpleasant person; they do not physically resemble Earth vultures which are birds, although they are said to have wings.