Walking Flowers
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Vital statistics
Sentient Yes
Worlds Fire World (homeworld)
Animal-like or Plant-like Plant-like
Births Unknown
Natural Predators Fire-Tasters
Earth Creature Analogy Flowers
Soul Assimilation Status Wanted

Not to be confused with the Flowers from Planet of the Flowers, Walking Flowers are a sentient plant-like life-form from Fire World.


Walking flowers are insinuated to be similar to Earth flowers except for the fact that they are not stationary.

Their bodies contain vital nutrients which Fire-Tasters need to survive.

When the problem of having to burn them alive and kill them for nutrients is solved, the souls will start occupying the bodies of the Walking Flowers as well.


Walking Flowers inhabit Fire-World.


  • Walking Flowers were the first extraterrestrials to have a predator mentioned in The Host.
  • Burns Living Flowers takes his name from the Fire-Taster practice of incinerating Walking Flowers and ingesting the produced smoke for vital nutrients.

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If the Walking FLowers are taken over by the Souls, Fire World will be the first planet where host species are used.